Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MFA Rankings?!?

This makes no sense.


I mean, seriously. Not to dis my alma mater, but the CW program at #18 is horrible. Or has been horrible for the past ten years I've been familiar with it despite some good teachers (all but one of whom have since left) and at least one good administrator.


A den of corruption! Arbitrary grading! Deliberate manipulation of students! Physical threats! Nepotism in hiring! Low to non-existent academic standards! The highest-paid professor at the university who barely even teaches!


The English Dept. is fine as is my current employer, Academic Learning Services.

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Reb said...

The CW program at Pitt was dreadful too. Whatever. People like their dopey lists.

The only helpful list is a grocery list. And perhaps a record of past lovers. I write a lot of to-do lists and sometimes I rank those items. Maybe I should make a list and rank past lovers. Now that's a list that could help people make the corrrect choice.

There is no such thing as an accurate MFA ranking. As someone who attended two MFA programs and graduated from one, here's my advice: 1. Make sure you can afford the luxury because it sure isn't an investment (in terms of future earning potential -- my hireability actually went down after I graduated, employers thought I was freaky for going to grad school for poetry). Wanna full-time teaching job with benefits? Hah hah hah. 2. Pick a program that has poets you want to study with and prepare yourself for possible disappointment. 3. Once you graduate, consider what you learned, promptly forget it, move on, start over.

Have you started those poetry seminars we talked about last year? Cash cow, baby. I'll put you in my top ten rankings. Right below Little Rebbie's Finishing School for Wayward Poets.

-- The Headmistress