Thursday, March 08, 2007

Because You Asked For It!

I received this email after calling out an unnamed poet who was slandering some other poets for his unusual logic.


Hey, here's a fun fact for your blog: I had to be the
one to sell back the engagement ring, because X
was crying too hard to do it. Ever sold back an
engagement ring, pal? It's a real fucking blast,
really helps you get some perspective on how much you
FUCKED UP your life. Fortunately we netted just
enough money to make rent for the month. Didn't save
the relationship, though. After four years--four
years--I had to end it. I had to leave her crying. Why? Because she beat me, Tony. Four years of any kind of abuse you want to name. But you know, I'm a big-shot lawyer and all, so why don't you put all that on your fucking blog, you know so much about people.

Just leave me the fuck alone, Tony.

Any armchair psychologists want to take a crack at this?


sandrasimonds said...

i think he might be suffering from ptsd.

maybe you should leave him alone. he might try to murder you.

AB said...

Wow, that's not the story I heard.


andy mr. said...

Hey Tony, let's get together this weekend and sell back engagement rings. I hear it's a real fucking blast!

CLAY BANES said...

this neverending sad story. let it end!