Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Massey Writes Great Smallish Haiku

Joe M: Did you see my post this morning?
TonyR: no
TonyR: i will look now
TonyR: very nice
TonyR: you look good in that outfit
TonyR: last night Jess Mynes called John Weiners "the gay tony"
Joe M: What was the connection?
TonyR: my magnificent poesy
Joe M: I don't see the similarities.
TonyR: that is fine
TonyR: you may dis me if you like
Joe M: It's not a diss!
TonyR: by the way, i bought this book the other day:
Joe M: If I had to pick poets that you remind me of, I wouldn't pick Wieners.
TonyR: it is better than any book of poesy
Joe M: That looks like a fun read. One for the shitter.
TonyR: oh yeah. it's huge and comprehensive
TonyR: though it's not very well-edited
TonyR: it contains typos and factual inaccuracies
Joe M: Wieners was very invested in the idea of being a poet as some exalted almost otherworldly duty. You don't have that attitude.
TonyR: i am invested in being a poet as a quotidian task
Joe M: But he was very frank in his personal poems, the sexual frustration and self-deprecation -- I can see that connection.
TonyR: it is a berriganish attitude without the IMPORTANCE
TonyR: i'm gonna start a metal band
Joe M: Call it HELL HAMMS
TonyR: YES
TonyR: our mascot will be a big cuddly bear with a pentagram shaved into his chest fur
Joe M: I love it. I want to be the tambourine girl.
TonyR: You may!
TonyR: hey do you mind if i publish this conversation to one of my clogs?
Joe M: I don't providing you say something very flattering about my diminutive verses.
Joe M: *mind
TonyR: okay. i will.


Joseph said...

You are my favorite cyber sex partner, Tony.


Joey Massey

Jess said...

The Tony-Wieners connection is longing, not stylistics.